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The Crafty Bitch Lip Balm Bundle

The Crafty Bitch Lip Balm Bundle.

Are your days spent covered in glitter, dreaming of yarn and wishing for free time so that you can organize your paper collection? Better yet, do you want to celebrate that with a collection of all-natural, amazing lip balms, that are TINTED and/or FILLED WITH GLITTER?? Well, you found your bundle, you crafty b*tch, you.

This all-natural, handmade lip balm was created by two women who knew there was a way to have soft lips without all the chemical nonsense. We love to support businesses like this! The Crafty B*tch Bundle is made with our favorite balm scents with custom labels that we each designed!

The Crafty Bitch contains the following scents: chai tea (bronze tint and glitter) lemon poundcake (clear with gold glitter) Red Bull (red with red glitter)

  • $14.00