The Creation of Wild Magnolia

For as long as we can remember, the idea to open a shop together was always a goal. As a mother and daughter duo with a ton of creativity (and a passion for shopping), we decided to get started in March of 2017. We were originally online only. We set up and took orders from our site and shipped them to our customers directly. While we loved the comfort of being able to work out of our homes, we really wanted to have a brick and mortar shop where we could be creative with displaying our items and maintain a local following.

As residents of Cape May County, New Jersey, we knew that we had many options when it came to deciding on a location. Cape May County beaches are incredibly popular in the summer. Some of the local beaches that surround our shop are Ocean City, Strathmere, Sea Isle City, Avalon, Stone Harbor, Wildwood, and Cape May. After awhile, we decided on our brick and mortar location in Woodland Village. Woodland Village is the perfect fit for Wild Magnolia and we are currently in our second season.

Woodland Village is a community of small shops, that are all owned by small business owners. Because of this, there are so many creative items and people within the village! Each shop is incredibly unique and the small business owners are really great to work with. Woodland Village hosts weekly events. To follow along with what is new in the village and to see dates for Woodland Village's upcoming events, you can click here.

Like every other shop in Woodland Village, Wild Magnolia is a seasonal shop. We are open everyday from 10-5 from Memorial Day through Labor Day. In the fall, our hours are cut back a bit, but there are still a lot of really fun fall events. Our home decor section gets really into Halloween and Christmas so it's definitely worth a visit! In the winter months, after New Years, the shops are all closed. During this time, we rely solely on our online sales. We use this time to research new ideas for our upcoming season.

We love researching different wholesalers together to ensure that our customers are getting some great quality products! Aside from clothing, we also look to find unique home decor and accessory items. Last year, we attended the Philadelphia Gift Expo to gain some new insight on up and coming home decor and accessory items. We enjoy going to events together and finding fun things to bring back to our customers.

We are so thankful for our brick and mortar location. We have met so many fantastic people in our first two years and are grateful for our incredibly supportive customers. We thank you for taking the time to stop by and read our first blog post.


Megan & Kathy

Owners at Wild Magnolia

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